Laurie Peterka

Executive Director / Co-Founder

A 25-year CNMI business professional with an impressive history of concurrent community service through a wide range of local nonprofits. Laurie co-founded several local NGOs including Friends of the Mariana Trench Monument (FOMT), Island SK8 Society, the Northern Mariana Islands Volleyball Association, and the Pacific Ombudsman for Humanitarian Law. In the last 15-years she has worked closely with indigenous community groups and top-level leadership in six different countries throughout the Pacific Islands in establishing various marine protected areas. In addition to being FOMT’s current volunteer Executive Director, she is a founding member and largely responsible for driving the FOMT projects accomplished during 2017-2020. For the last 14 years, Laurie has actively engaged in analyzing and problem solving for nonprofits and curating solutions through grant proposal writing, grant management, organizational development and capacity building. Laurie is a graduate of Northern Marianas College and holds a Bachelor of Science in Management degree from University of Phoenix.