Lyle Andrew | Club Member

Lyle A.

Club Member

Hi, my name is Lyle Andrew and I am pursuing my Associate’s degree in Natural Resource Management here at NMC. I plan to continue my education at UOG in either Natural Resource Management or Agriculture. I became a Project HOPE club member because I noticed how little some of our younger generations, and even our older generation cares about our oceans. I wanted to help raise awareness to take care of our oceans before it’s too late. 

Devin Ayuyu | Club Member

Devin A.

Club Member

Devin Ayuyu is currently pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Science in Natural Resource Management at Northern Marianas College. He plans to further his education in Environmental Science. Devin joined Project Hope to increase his knowledge of the ocean and its conservation strategies to spread it to the youth of the CNMI

Ross Arriola | Club Member

Ross A.

Club Member

Ross Arriola is currently working towards his A.S in Natural Resource Management at the Northern Marianas College. After completing his degree, Ross aims to further his career in the CNMI by pursuing a job in the environmental sector. Joining Project HOPE provided Ross with an opportunity to enlighten the islands youth through ocean education.

Eloise Lopez | Student Advisor


student advisor

Eloise Rose Enrico Lopez is a student at the Northern Marianas College pursuing her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. Eloise currently helps collect data from CNMI residents for Saipan Coastal Sites Residential Surveys regarding CNMI beaches. She has also worked for DCRM as a DEQ Environmental Surveillance Laboratory Intern, where she learned how to collect and analyze water samples to determine if water is safe for drinking and swimming. Eloise is excited to contribute to educating CNMI youth about ocean enrichment and resource preservation by acting as an Ocean Lovers Team Leader for Project HOPE. Eloise joined Project Hope because she believes that the CNMI Community can rebuild its islands’ ecosystem, and it starts by teaching the youth and expanding their awareness of ocean conservation.

Angel Santos | Treasurer

Angel S.


My name is Angel Santos and I am a student at the Northern Marianas College. I am on my second year, majoring in Natural Resource Management and I should be receiving my associates degree in Spring 2023. I am currently a mentor at NMC’s Project Proa Center, where we promote STEM and financial literacy amongst indigenous NMC students. We also work one on one with freshmen students to provide college peer guidance, support, and motivation. I joined Project Hope with the intention to bring awareness of our environment to students at a young age, hopefully encouraging them down the environmental field.

Dhalian Salas | Club Member

Dhalian Salas

Club Member

Dhalian Salas is a graduate of the Northern Marianas College with an Associate in Science in Natural Resources Management. She plans to pursue her Bachelors in Science with a concentration in Elementary Education and grow into a future educator. She became an Ocean Lovers Team Leader for Project HOPE to work towards her goal of spreading ocean literacy and guide future generations to sustain and manage a vision of environmental subsistence.

Catherine Tanseco Calma | Club Member


Club Member

Hey guys! My name is Catherine T. Calma, and I’m currently pursuing my associates degree in Natural Resource Management (NRM). I joined Project HOPE because the water is not only mysterious, but grounding. Because of this, I want to be able to learn more about the ocean, and I would be able to share my knowledge with others.

Anela Duenas | Club Member

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 10.40.45 PM

Club Member

Anela Eliza Kainani Duenas graduated from Northern Marianas College with an associate degree in Science in Natural Resources Management. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Guam. She is delighted to deepen and share her education by acting as an Ocean Lovers Team Leader for Project HOPE.

I joined Project HOPE to make a change for the youth after personally experiencing the lack of ocean literacy being taught at the elementary school level.

Richelle Ramon | Treasurer



Hi, my name is Richelle Tsunami Ramon and I aspire to be an advocate for our land and sea as they play important roles in our daily lives, cultures, and our islands themselves. I enjoy free diving, fishing, and usually spend most of my time in the water. Anything ocean-related is in my best interest! Opportunities, like Project HOPE, is a great way to be part of the community, gain knowledge, and work with others who not only enjoy learning about our oceans but have the passion to protect, conserve, and preserve them!

Christina Tudela | Club President

Club President

Christina Tudela is a single mother and currently working as an instructor for the PSS Head Start / Early Head Start Program. She is also a former DCRM intern and NMC CREES work-study and is currently a Swim for Life Water Safety Instructor as well as the 2020-2021 NMC ENRO Club president. Christina possesses an Associates in Science Degree in Natural Resource Management and is continuing to pursue her studies in Environmental Science and is eager to help raise environmental awareness for the future generations of the CNMI.